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Understanding Uganda's Tax
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Everything you ought to know on matters Tax & Compliance.

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Course Overview

Compliance with the relevant tax regulations is one of the prerequisites for long-term organizational efficiency and success. Overall, tax compliance involves being aware of and observing the state, and international tax laws and requirements set forth by the government and other taxing authorities. All businesses must align their accounting, reporting, and tax filing processes with the different sets of laws and regulations that govern taxation.

Tax risk management shouldn’t be left to the Finance/Compliance managers alone. The heads of Finance/Compliance cannot single-handedly keep direct supervision over every tax transaction processed. The whole business needs to support them in the tax compliance and planning strategy. It is prudent for every organization to have its entire management team fully equipped with the right knowledge and tools about company tax, tax for logistics/purchasing departments, tax for the general finance function, and tax for human resources (for those responsible for employee payroll & benefits).

NeCro EDC would like to empower your team to avoid hefty tax penalties, which could lead to huge financial losses and long complex settlement procedures. This intensive two (2) day course shall focus on giving participants comprehensive information about the various taxation laws related to direct taxes, indirect taxes, and other regulatory aspects. Our team of professionals will unlock the ‘complex’ issues surrounding the Ugandan taxation and regulation system in a very clear manner, using real-life case studies and practical examples.

This two (2) day course is designed to equip delegates with key knowledge on tax compliance and the risks inherent in tax transactions for businesses

Training Objectives

This two (2) day course is designed to equip delegates with key knowledge on tax compliance and the risks inherent in tax transactions for businesses. Specifically, by the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:
a) Pinpoint the major revenues collected in Uganda
b) Describe the domestic tax policy and changes
c) Describe the tax accrual review and tax-deferred transactions, and the computations thereof
d) Describe tax compliance standards and reporting timeliness
e) Perform a VAT input, output reconciliation, and completion of a VAT return
f) Describe the customs tax policy & changes
g) Break down the tax dispute resolution processes
h) Administer the Income Tax for for-profit organizations
i) Administer Employment Income & associated tax deductions
j) Describe what Not-for-Profits need to know about Tax Compliance
k) Describe tax offenses and the associated penalties

Target Participants

This course is suitable for;
a) All Risk and Compliance Officers
b) All Finance & Accounts Staff
c) All Human Resource Personnel
d) Payroll Administrators
e) Legal Officers
f) All Procurement & Supply Chain Personnel
g) All Internal Audit Staff
h) Other Staff who may wish to Understand Tax Compliance

Training Content

MODULE 1: The Major Revenues Collected in Uganda
WHAT are the major revenues collected in Uganda? HOW and WHEN are they administered? Illustrations of tax computations & Tax refunds.
MODULE 2: Understanding the Domestic Tax Laws & Changes
Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act, Excise Duty Act, Tax Procedures Code Act, Subsidiary Legislation, Practice Notes and Excerpts from EACCMA, Finance Acts, and Stamps Act.
MODULE 3: Employment Income & the Associated Tax Deductions
WHAT is Employment Income? WHICH payments are classified under Employment Income? WHICH payments are not included in Employment Income? WHAT are the associated tax deductions and HOW are they Administered?
MODULE 4: Performing a VAT input, Output Reconciliation, and Completion of a VAT return
An in-depth exploration of the VAT. A step-by-step guide.
MODULE 5: Tax Compliance for Not-for-Profits
WHAT are the tax liabilities and requirements for Not-for-profits, Tax Exempt Basics, and Routine Reporting Requirements?
MODULE 6: Understanding Tax Offences & Associated Penalties
WHAT are the various acts considered tax offenses? WHAT are the associated penalties? How can one plan and avoid/mitigate these penalties? WHAT are the general provisions relating to Penalties?
MODULE 7: The Tax Dispute Resolution Processes
An in-depth exploration of the procedures followed when settling a tax dispute. A step-by-step guide.
MODULE 8: URA Debt Collection, Tax Accrual Review, and Tax-deferred Transactions
Understanding Tax Accrual Review and Tax-deferred Transactions, Third Party Agency Notice (TPAN), Payment of Tax Instalments, Receivership, Debt Write-off, Tax Payer-URA Memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

All guidelines and directives/ standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the Government of the Republic of Uganda (GoU) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be observed to the latter.

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The Certificate

A NeCro – EDC Certificate of Competence will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course


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